Final Cut Pro HD Editing Suite - After Effects - Photoshop - DVD Studio Pro

Editing - From a basic training video to a feature film, I have done it all.  I strive to find the emotional content of each video in order to tell your story in an engaging way that resonates with your audience. 

If you already have your shots mapped out in advance or want to sit in on the edit - that's fine.  However, keep in mind that if you just want to drop off your tapes or media, I can take it from there. I have many years of experience sorting through interviews, finding the true gems and building a final story.

Online Editing - Just need someone to provide the finishing touches on your documentary or indie film?  I can do that as well.  From making sure all your media is the highest quality, to cleaning up any problem shots, doing a final sound mix and even to color correction, compositing and titles, I have experience getting your project to its final, polished state and passing technical spec of the highest PBS or BBC standards.

Post Production Supervision - If you just need someone to help guide you through the process of completing your movie, let me deal with the colorist, the audio post house, the DVD duplicators, the online distributors and the tv engineers for you.  I can make sure your show maintains the highest quality and is always presented in the correct format so your message shines through.

Motion Graphics - Whether it's opening titles, background elements, lower 3rds or keying, compositing and tracking, I can add that final touch that brings your video to life.

DVD Design/Encoding - Advanced animated menus, bonus commentary tracks and engaging chapter selection screens can transform an average DVD into something truly memorable.

Sound Design/Mixing - Although often overlooked, sound is just as important as your images.  I have experience dialogue editing, filtering and mixing as well as building sound design. Even if you plan on going to a traditional sound studio, I can still save you time and money by doing a pre-mix - setting levels, cleaning up audio edits and organizing your tracks for the final output.

Compression for Web - Whether you need final output for YouTube, Vimeo, IndieFlix or just a .wmv, .flv, or .mov file to upload to a client, I can make your final video look its best.