Todd Miró, Owner, Afterimage Digital:

I have a unique combination of talents that keep my clients happy and have them coming back for their next job. Most of my clients I have known and worked with for over 15 years.

I am dedicated to telling a good story. My passion is finding the emotional content within each message and drawing that out so the viewer is engaged. It needn't matter if the message is about an insurance claims adjuster helping put someone's life back together after Hurricane Katrina, or a housewife in Virginia who is battling to keep the coal companies from blasting away the hill behind her house, every video has a story to tell and a connection to make.

In addition to my skills as an editor, I also have a strong graphics and design background. I have created numerous title treatments and animated elements for corporate show opens, 30-sec commercial spots, DVD menus, and documentary films. I have a deep knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects and am comfortable pulling a green-screen key or compositing hundreds of layers into one special effects shot.

As a musician, I also have a keen ear for sound mixing and sound design. While images tell a story to your eyes and mind, sound directly impacts your emotions. Special attention to sound design and mixing will elevate your project from good to great.

As well as an artist's heart, I also have a engineer's mind. I have experience meeting broadcast specs for PBS and BBC, and have spent many a late session troubleshooting video decks, hard drives, and wayward software programs. After your video has been edited, I can make DVDs, prepare files for web streaming, or upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

I also realize that delivering the finished product is just one aspect of a job well-done. My loyal clients also return to me because of our personal connection. It's no fun to work with someone that you have difficulties with and in this business, clear and open communication is key.