Why pay for the pool table? 

Traditional post suites have offered frills like pool tables, cute receptionists and hip locations.  While this is all very exciting, none of it is necessary in today's digital age.

Working Lean and green.

By working from my own edit suite in my house I am able to charge you only for my time and expertise - no unnecessary overhead, no additional carbon footprint, no huge bills.

No Hassles.

By taking advantage of internet tools like Vimeo, box.net, Skype, and YouSendit, we can easily collaborate without the hassles of commuting - your time spent in the actual edit suite is entirely up to you.

No Worries.

With more than 15 years experience as a professional editor, I have seen and done it all. My creative eye and attention to detail allow me to find creative solutions to problems before they arise - saving you time and money.

Please call or email for a rate quote and ask about our volume discounted rates.