UC Berkeley Haas School of Business video

Bay Package Productions - producer

A segment of a video I edited to help promote the Berkeley Haas School of Business. I also did all the graphics in Photoshop and After Effects.

Protiviti video

Greene Creative Services - producer

I did all graphics, compositing and finishing editing on this corporate video which featured a lot of green-screen.  (this is just a small segment of the finished video).


Cisco Mobility Launch & Core Computing videos

Pattillo & Associates - Producer

This edit required compositing live action green screen footage into 3D rendered backgrounds as well as integrating power point slide graphics into the flatscreens seen in the virtual sets.

Swaziland and Poland stories for

2010 Goldman Environmental Prize

Mill Valley Film Group - Producer

I edited these two segments, as well as providing the graphics and final sound mix.  The Goldman Environmental Prize annually honors grassroots environmental heroes from around the globe.

Without a Net

Kelly J. Richardson - Producer/Director

I provided editing and graphics work on this touching documentary that focuses on a handful of young artists from a social circus outreach program located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Enter the Dark

Todd Miro - Writer/Producer/Editor/Director

This is my short movie that has screened in many festivals, received great reviews and has garnered multiple awards:

Winner - Best Horror Short, Indie Spirit Film Festival

Winner - Best Short, Dark Carnival Film Festival

Winner - Best Sound Design/Editing, Maverick Movie Awards

Winner - Award of Merit, Short Film, The Accolades

Winner - Award of Merit, Short Film, The Indie Fest Awards

Nomination - Best Director, Maverick Movie Awards

Nomination - Best Special Effects, Maverick Movie Awards

Nomination - Best Editing, Dark Carnival Film Festival

Nomination - Best Director, Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Killing Seasons

Mill Valley Film Group - Producer

I created an animated title for this documentary that examines the clash between endangered wildlife, local governments and indigenous people in Africa.

Old Navy training videos

Bay Package Productions - Producer

A series of videos for Old Navy that helps to train their managers on how to deal with some typically difficult issues.  I edited these little narrative setups and also provided some graphics.

Skype UCSF video

Pattillo & Associates - Producer

I edited this video that examines how children at UCSF's Children's Hospital use Skype technology to stay in touch with their families and other patients.

Editing 3D animated sequences

Oliver Animation - Producer

I edited and composited short medical animation videos highlighting products by Hotspur Technologies and Medtronic.


"Sam Cooke: Crossing Over"- a broadcast documentary for PBS's prestigious AMERICAN MASTERS series. I created motion graphics, including the main title sequence, and also provided additional editing.

"Global Focus" - Narrated by Robert Redford, this 30-minute documentary features intimate portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists from around the world. I edited two of the six stories, along with providing all graphics and sound mixing for this documentary, which aired on PBS and won a Northern California Emmy Award.

Cisco Systems - "New Technology Demo". I edited this graphics-intensive video for the CEO, John Chambers, to use in a live Cisco event that showcased some of Cisco Systems' newest technologies. The video features extensive green screening and multiple layers of compositing to create a virtual environment from which to showcase the potential of Cisco's technology.

"Mustang: Journey of Transformation" - Narrated by Richard Gere, this documentary tells the remarkable story of a Tibetan culture pulled back from the brink of extinction through the restoration of its most sacred sites. I provided all graphics and sound mixing for this documentary, as well as additional editing, which aired on PBS.

"The Commune", a feature-length thriller that premiered at Dances With Films Film Festival and has received multiple awards.

I wore many hats on this project including producer, editor, motion graphics designer, colorist, re-recording sound mixer, sound designer and post-production supervisor.


Emmy Award

2009 Northern California Emmy for best Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special

"Global Focus V"

Accolade Awards

2009 Award of Merit: Post Production Overall

"The Commune"

Accolade Awards

2009 Award of Excellence: Sound Overall Impact

"The Commune"

Telly Awards

2009 Film/Video Bronze Winners

Best use of HD

"The Commune"